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All interested parties are invited to submit their comments on the Initial Environmental Assessment of the CETA negotiations by Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

CETA Initial Strategic Environmental Assessment

Canada-European Union: comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Negotiations Status

Getting Answers—A Guide to the Environmental Petitions Process

European Union

EU – Canada Sustainability Impact Assessment


The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Canadian Environmental Law Association

Council of Canadians

  • stopCETA a London, Ontario group associated with Council of Canadians

Sierra Club Canada – Trade and Environment

Trade Justice Network – CETA, trade and environment

Trade Organizations

Canada Europe Round Table for Business (CERT)

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West (ICCC)

Protect Healthcare Canada


Michael Geist Blog


2 responses to “Resource Links

  1. I maintain a website page on Environment and Trade for Sierra Club Canada (SCC) which provides current information on trade agreements and issues with an emphasis on CETA. I also represent SCC on the National Trade Justice Network (TJN) and produced the TJN Fact Sheet on trade and Environment.

    SCC Environment and Trade Website:

    CETA Environmental Information is a great resource – thanks – Janet M Eaton !

    • Hi Janet

      Thank you for this great contribution. I like the video! Please check out and post it as a link if you see fit.

      It was constructed by a group of Council of Canadian members, London Chapter who formed a trade justice group called stopCETA.

      Many blessings upon the work to protect The Commons.

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